Culprit….elnagraph pinion

When your machine will only straight stitch and refuse to zig-zag or do any other stitch … check the gears.

elnagraph pinion

So here it is, the broken elnagraph pinion removed from my machine and replaced.  My Elna SU is now zig-zagging up a storm (and every other stitch on the elna disc).

My trusted local machine technician immediately identified the fault on inspection and a new part was the only solution for this problem, luckily he had it in stock and could do it the same day (yay!).  Asked if it was something I may have caused and the reply was “another wear-and-tear issue that comes with age”… so thanks elnagraph pinion for lasting 50-odd years, lets hope your replacement can do the same.  An expensive exercise but cheaper than having to buy a whole new machine (something I would have loved to do as I have my eye on the Bernina 550 but still saving for that dream).  Glad this machine can keep chugging along…time for some sewing.


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