Some people collect cars, I collect fabric

How easy is it to buy beautiful fabric for a special project you may have in mind, or lets be honest, how common is it to simply buy gorgeous fabric for no reason at all other than to just have it!

Oh to glare at such pretty fabric in your ever growing stash!   I partly blame fabric designers for this – they are just too good at what they do.   But my addiction HAS to stop.  and I’ve been successful for… um, 4 days now.  I have this sizeable bookcase full of stunning, inviting and pretty fabric’s  all neatly folded up with nothing to do but sit and wait for their turn to be transformed.  It’s a bit embarrassing to have such a collection.  I cringe to think how much money is sitting there.  Most of them were purchased with a purpose in mind…it just hasn’t eventuated.

The stash

The stash



Cotton – beautiful in its end form and beautiful in its beginnings.

Cotton boll

Here goes, my first post at this blogging thing.  I’m hoping this adventure of learning doesn’t end up like the drawer under my sewing table – neatly out of the way but bursting with unfinished projects.  This blog is something I am committed to as I want to give back, participate and share like so many have already done for me.  Today’s image is one I took in November last year while in the south of Georgia.  I was delighted to find a cotton field pre-harvest.

Thanks for finding me and please do say hello, I would like that.