Finally a KCWC result!!!


So…here in New Zealand it is the last day of the Kids Clothes Week Challenge and finally I have something to show for it!  I thought I was destined not to get any sewing time this week but squeezed in here and there I managed to finish this coat.  So the details….

Pattern: Stylish double breasted coat by Dear My Kids which I purchased as a pdf from their Etsy store.


Fabric: For the outer I used a crimson duckcloth (first encounter with duckcloth – I love it…although not very warm for a coat! very easy to sew) and the inner is a printed quilting cotton that I purchased at a bargain bin many years ago, a beautiful castles & carriages print by South Sea Imports.

Size: I took bit of a risk here, according to the measurements on the pattern I should have made a size 5 (for my just-turned 2 year old!) but I opted to make a size 3.  Is a bit snug around the chest and the length is quite ‘trench-coaty’!  Also had to increase the neck circumference.

Modifications:  I pretty much followed instructions other than the placement of the buttons to accommodate a wider neck circumference.


Time taken:  A rough guess would be maybe 6 hours…hard to say as it was picked up and put down sooooo many times!

Next time:  If I make this again, I’d like to do so in a warmer fabric – melton wool perhaps.


Overall recommendation & Tips:

The pattern instructions are very thorough and detailed.  I love the technique for sewing the sleeve cuffs…something I had to trust as my instincts told me it might not work .  It is a great way to produce a neat interface between sleeve outer and lining.  Overall it produces a very smart coat and I would recommend this pattern, quite decently priced too.  My only slight criticism would be the overall fit of the coat but perhaps it is just my daughters’ dimensions as reviews do not indicate others having this issue.  According to Etsy shop sales it has been a very popular pattern, if you have made it I’d love to hear your thoughts.