Culprit….elnagraph pinion

When your machine will only straight stitch and refuse to zig-zag or do any other stitch … check the gears.

elnagraph pinion

So here it is, the broken elnagraph pinion removed from my machine and replaced.  My Elna SU is now zig-zagging up a storm (and every other stitch on the elna disc).

My trusted local machine technician immediately identified the fault on inspection and a new part was the only solution for this problem, luckily he had it in stock and could do it the same day (yay!).  Asked if it was something I may have caused and the reply was “another wear-and-tear issue that comes with age”… so thanks elnagraph pinion for lasting 50-odd years, lets hope your replacement can do the same.  An expensive exercise but cheaper than having to buy a whole new machine (something I would have loved to do as I have my eye on the Bernina 550 but still saving for that dream).  Glad this machine can keep chugging along…time for some sewing.


Update – Unfinished Drawer 1.0

Hello there and welcome to my newest ‘followers’ I am thrilled to have you on board, thank you for stopping by.


So a short update on the drawer of  “unfinished projects“.

All progress has come to a halt as my machine decides that it would rather only do straight stitching!  (not ideal when working with knits).  I’ve googled what I think might be the problem but have come to the conclusion that I’d best let a professional do the honours.  This is, afterall, my late grandmother’s 1970’s sewing machine (the only one I own) and I would love for it to still be chugging along when my daughter wants to learn how to sew.  Which although at only two, she is showing some promise…gathering scrap pieces of fabric and climbing up on the stool to place the fabric under the foot, announcing that she is “sewing”.