Create your own fabric swatch book – take stock of your stash

Fabric Swatch Book PDF

Introducing the latest pdf available in my Etsy store.

Ever wondered where you purchased that beautiful fabric you made your niece a dress from? or what the name of that fabric is… so you can order more? Ever found some fabric in the bottom of your stash and wondered exactly what type it is or how to wash it?  This pdf can help.


First Challenge – the ‘unfinished drawer’

So what better way to kick things off, and address my ‘fabric problem’, than a small challenge.  To tackle the most neglected drawer in my sewing room, the drawer of  ‘Unfinished Projects’.

These projects are in various stages of production; half cut-out, cut-out with some piecing, half sewn or just a pattern & some fabric grouped together…like an arranged marriage with a long engagement.

This is going to be one mighty challenge as some of these projects have been waiting a long time in that drawer  and I have been deliberately avoiding finishing them due to the excitement of making other things with fancy fabric.  So, what is in this drawer you ask? in no particular order…

Blackboard unfinished projects

and on closer inspection..


I have decided to begin with project number 8, a hooded vest for a friends’ son who just turned 2.  As this is a birthday present, I have some urgency to complete this project. I will document my progress, one project at a time here, so I am accountable to you.  No more buying gorgeous fabric until these ones are all ticked off, and even then I need to start ‘de-stashing through production’.

It’s going to be hard, have you got an ‘unfinished drawer’ too? why not join me on this one.

Some people collect cars, I collect fabric

How easy is it to buy beautiful fabric for a special project you may have in mind, or lets be honest, how common is it to simply buy gorgeous fabric for no reason at all other than to just have it!

Oh to glare at such pretty fabric in your ever growing stash!   I partly blame fabric designers for this – they are just too good at what they do.   But my addiction HAS to stop.  and I’ve been successful for… um, 4 days now.  I have this sizeable bookcase full of stunning, inviting and pretty fabric’s  all neatly folded up with nothing to do but sit and wait for their turn to be transformed.  It’s a bit embarrassing to have such a collection.  I cringe to think how much money is sitting there.  Most of them were purchased with a purpose in mind…it just hasn’t eventuated.

The stash

The stash